We’re home!

A lot has happened since we pedalled off from our Italian couch surfing refuge back in October. Dark nights have drawn in, along with storms, flooding, and Christmas festivities. Liam and I have made it, slowly, back to Hull, where this travelling chapter of our life has reached a happy conclusion. We are both returning to work in early January, and I am going to spend some of the remaining precious time off work writing about our travels. I have been fairly useless at keeping up the blog! It was so difficult to write whilst always on the move, and camping. Laptops and outdoor life don’t mix so well, especially when autumn and winter are keen to make their presence felt. Then, Liam’s laptop drew its final breaths, and died. It had lived a long and happy life, being dragged around the world for nine years on Liam’s extensive travels through Asia, France, and eventually… cycled to destruction. That brought the end to my writing.

Now I am back home, even though Liam and I won’t be ‘going places’ as much anymore, I am going to keep this blog alive as I have enjoyed writing it. For starters, I have the whole of our trip from Italy back to the UK to talk about! Liam and I are also going to try and implement everything we have learnt whilst cycling into our lives back home. Our perspectives, goals and priorities have grown and changed. We had both been infected by wanderlust, but the act of wandering together has healed that (a bit), and now we are excited to start a new adventure growing a life together in one place, not many places. I’m excited about the next chapter in our lives, and creativity, and writing, has a huge part in this next story.

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