About us

We decided to get on our bikes to travel. Oh, via a few months trekking in Nepal! This website documents our adventures and creativity including our photos, writing and videos.

Ruth is a 33 year old with too many degrees trying to overcome her perfectionism. She loves rivers, trees, mountains, streams, lakes, climbing, cycling, camping, coffee, beetroot, broccoli, puffins and new challenges.

Liam is a 28 year old who has spent most of his life travelling and working out what to do next. He loves challenging himself, building things, learning new skills, star trail photos, stats, climbing mountains, cycling, carrying heavy rucksacks, cheese, cake, haribo, puffins and wine.

We were both born in Hull, and when our travels are over, are going to move to Sheffield where Ruth will retrain as a Mental Health Nurse and Liam will get a dog and plan his self-build, whilst working from home.

We set out on this adventure with very loose plans – we like to live in the “NOW” and go where the energy is taking us. We find that our feelings about what we want to do change pretty regularly, so its best not to plan too far in advance. We set off knowing we wanted to cycle, but we were not sure where to. So far we’ve cycled in big circles around the mountains and are planning to stay in them because we LOVE MOUNTAINS.

We also find rushing displeases us. We would rather stay in one place and explore it properly, hence, only choosing to trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal during our three months there. We find we love to really get to know a place.

We also have a Puffin called Spiker, who gets up to all sorts of antics and you can follow him on instagram @spikerthepuffin