And we are off! Again!

I’ve relapsed into non writing of the blog due to being super busy having adventures. Nepal lent itself well to blogging due to short days and free WiFi everywhere… but France is not the same! Long long days, so much to do, and camp life, have meant little time! I will try to get back into good habits from now on! For now, a summary of what we’ve done.

1.) We drove from Hull to Nimes, via Dover, Saint Quentin and Foret Du Morvan.

Highlights: walking to Mount Beuvray and the beautiful forest areas in Foret Du Morvan, getting lost and adding 10km to our 8.4km walk, getting pain au chocolates delivered to our tent, Camembert, drinking 3 litres of red wine, sleeping in a tent again.

Lowlights: getting 2 hours sleep for 36 hours driving to Saint Quentin, Liam having to do a six lane motorway merge at 4am after no sleep on the “wrong side of the road”, driving generally, realising the pound is now crap against the Euro.

2.) My Dad joined us in Nimes for Air B&B life and we went to This is Not A Love Song Festival.

Highlights: the amazing air b&b, seeing Big Thief and Fontaine’s DC live, awesome times in the festival- including my Dad in a mosh pit, food and walks with my Dad and Liam and creating guerrilla Spiker Art in Nimes Art gallery.

Lowlights- I got bitten by a mosquito? None to name!

3.) Drive to Sète and start the cycle tour!!

It’s currently Day 1 of our cycle tour, and we are cycling the Canal Du Midi… so will do a blog entry about our experiences when it is done. So far, so good!

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