About us and our trip

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while but not had time… something I’m not going to be in short supply of now I’m not at work and on the way! Wooo!

Who are we? I am Ruth, most likely to be writing this blog (as I write this Liam is playing a game about infecting the world with a plague), 33 and from Hull. Liam is 27, also from Hull. We love the outdoors, climbing, running, cycling, camping… oh and also binge watching Netflix and Just Eat on speed dial. And we drink too much red wine.

We’ve both recently given up our awesome, secure and happy jobs in the NHS (mental health support worker) and an Electrical Engineering company… to go travelling for an unspecified period of time! It’s been a dream to go to Nepal for a while and we decided to make it happen around Christmas time. Since then, we’ve moved out of our leaky but well loved tiny flat, sold or given away most of our donated or charity shop furniture, culled 80% of our worldly possessions and moved into Liam’s extremely generous and accommodating parents house to save for the final countdown!

I’m a bit of a prolific organiser, whilst Liam is the acute opposite- so we work well as a team! It’s good to be organised but good to have loose plans… it’s good to have all the right gear… but it’s no drama if something is forgotten or… lost!

Our loose plans this year are:

1. 17th March- 15th May – Nepal. Arrive on Kathmandu on the 18th and we have three nights in an Air B&B booked… where we will spend a few days mostly getting ripped off whilst we adjust to the local haggling customs… and sightseeing and sleeping to recover from having no sleep for weeks! Then we are off trekking for the rest of the duration… we think. Nothing decided yet. We will decide when we are there after consulting with local knowledge! In our experience, it’s always better to make plans when you are actually in a place (if you have the luxury of time). The internet is such a minefield of misinformation.

After we get back from Nepal, we will come back, collect our bikes, and head off to Europe for a while. We haven’t planned much on that section of the trip yet! Other than a few festivals.

So, that’s a bit about us and our trip! So excited, unemployed, homeless, hungover, barely fitting in our clothes after living in utter luxury for 5 weeks at Hotel du Liam Parents… and also… quite poorly 😂😂😂.

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